Friday, June 04, 2010

The Smallest Graphic Design Place in Waukegan

This is it, my freelancing is the smallest graphic design place in Waukegan. I haven't seen a mention of this site in regards to my hometown, so may as well make it be known. (Although I try to do most stuff over the net, but still I think there may be location specific stuff available.)

Some people may claim to be small, but me? I don't even have a large format printer yet, and I'm a one man show. The real problem is letting people know that there's good talent in their own backyard. And short of doing print jobs (which would still have to go outside), I can do some pretty cool things design-wise. If you want 3D visualizations or animations, Illustrations, and Logos, it will be harder to find better bang for the buck.

So if you've managed to stumble on this, fire off a comment. Or give a hint at your email. Or if that's too much work, here's a hint of mine: pop alpha uniform luck jump snake 7 5 (at) hotmail.

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