Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some new vids

Just some cartoons with talking characters that I animated in Flash. Took a while, but made a run with it... Crazy stuff!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Same ol' freebies, brand new home

So it appears that I'll have an online equivalent of "moving day" soon, since my friends site,, is going in another direction. Gotta say it was fun while it lasted. It was great having a place to share content with fellow artists, but now the content is taking up space - and hi-res photography is the new thing. Bandwidth isn't free, so time to pick up and move out. Which might be a good thing, since I may get more exposure of my freestuff and whatever 3D skills I may have at a site dedicated in particular to free 3D models. So you'll see the same ol' freebies you may have known me for before, but now over at ShareCG. I figure it'll work out.


(Update 10/18/2007) Turns out just some organizing going on. So some old stuff is still over there for archival's sake. But I'd still take on opportunity to get new exposure, so things got copied over to ShareCG anyways.