Sunday, June 25, 2006

I n33dZ a n3w Th3m3z0rs...

Yeah, I know I need a new visual theme for this blog. (No it's not going to be all that leet, I'm just trying to humor some guy named Rayraz. I think he's a fan of this place.) I've got an idea of sorts, but it still needs to be worked out. (It's in the sketch book phaze.)

I've just got to figure out a decent motif that shows the RGB components of pixels being torched to the point of absorbing flavorful goodness. (Like otherstuff that gets barbequed.) Which isn't quite going on right now. (There's the coals, but not much meat.)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yey Warpaint...

Ok, more like a gripe at the world in general. Nothing against Warpaint really, but rather the seeming unwillingness of others to participate in the fun. Ask people to install and run the Warpaint download and then click on a link so that they can join an ongoing OpenCanvas 1.1 session. What happens? I run a server for over an hour and only get tumbleweeds and the sounds of crickets chirping. Not that I haven't tried. Anyhow, since I have OpenCanvas up - may as well draw something anyways. Made this little graffitti dude and threw in some text as a free plug for the warpaint server client thingy.
Also I think another noisome thing is firewalls and routers not being too clear when it comes to configurating... (Is that a word?) ...Or configuring or whatever. Anyhow the default port that has to be forwarded or triggered is 9001 for Warpaint/OpenCanvas, and I doubt it's used much in common protocols so it's likely to be sealed up more often than not. I have explained to some extent what needs to be done, but most folks don't even know what a port is - let alone how to pull up the configuration settings for their particular router and/or firewall. Meh...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

First video tutorial of sorts...

Alright, I just created my first Wings3D video tutorial. It's probably the first Wings3D specific thing on Google Video, so that's pretty cool. I'm still new at doing the screen recording and video editing, so it's probably a kludge job of sorts. Also I ran into some software problems with the desktop recorder that caused Wings3D to crash (normally it wouldn't, the particular version is stable under normal circumstances.) Basically it's for modeling a car, and it's almost the same as a tutorial I posted at Wikibooks. I think I'll redo it in a while. Also look for some more tutorials on Wings3D. I just have to get the process of recording these things sorted out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

PHP and CSS hijinks over at R'osity

Within the last week, all the forum servers at Renderosity have been converted to a new PHP format. At first everyone was stuck with certain formatting, but later on they gave us some CSS to fiddle around with. If it weren't for a lot of layout still locked up in tables, there'd be a lot of neat stuff that could be done - similar in layout to this blog. (Or what's possible on any Blogger blog.) Ah well...

On a side note... If I somehow ever startup a full fledged web design studio - I'll probably use the name you see here. I don't have the money/experience just yet, so I'll try to get work at some other design place... But if you see the "bbq-px" name on a business, say hi sometime. (And if for some reason it's not me, I claimed it first. I did a full search for the name, and nobody else had it. So I know it's original. Thus my copyright... Let 'em know.)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hmm... Wings3D v0.98.33 not so good on 98/Me

Seems that v.0.98.33 is broken on Win 98 and Me machines. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. In the meantime, I'm going back to using v.0.98.31 (it's more reliable).

I guess that's it for today.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Something nifty for 2D drawing fun.

Check out The guys there have been working on a server client for an ol' classic that I just discovered called OpenCanvas 1.1. Although it doesn't have many features as a drawing/paint program, what it does do is pretty great. It's like the Wings3D of 2D. But in addition to being quite responsive to stylus input, it also features two other great abilities which are networked drawing and event recording. Networked drawing means that you can paint in realtime with up to 3 other users on the same common canvas. The event recorder is pretty neat, because it replays the whole drawing process. So you can download from other people to see how they went about drawing something, or you can save your drawing to an event file and show others what you did. Not bad for a free program... Oh yeah I almost forgot, the WarPaint Server client. Duh! Anyhow it's a little proggie written in Java that allows others to see your networked session online via the WarPaint website so others can join. It also features more advanced controls over a drawing session so you can boot troublemakers, have new people resume from when a session started, etc. Pretty neat stuff that goes one step beyond what OpenCanvas 1.1 does in networked mode.

Check out the vid of some OpenCanvas 1.1 drawing in action.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some Wings 3D tutorials!

Hey anyone who actually looks here, I posted some tutorials for Wings 3D at wikibooks. Might be useful if you're looking for some tricks in using that program. Might also show some useful box modeling stuff if you use a 3D modeler that isn't Wings 3D.

Box modeling an all quad car

Duplicating around a center

Thursday, January 05, 2006

How does it look so far?

Ok I know it's nowhere near perfect, I'll need some feedback on how to improve this thing.
There's quite a bit of classes in the Blogger template and I'll have to sort 'em out. Mostly it will be getting the right colors and fonts to make this readable. Maybe a change of background will be due later on.

So tell me what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. That's what the comment button is there for.

Getting some backgrounds setup

See this didn't take too long. I'm uploading some background images. Not sure how to do it otherwise.

Heh, don't mind the mess right now. Just getting some pieces together for the site. You may see these images already in use as screen elements by the time you read this.

Edit... 9/25/07-
Loading some completely different backgrounds.

First Blog on the BBQ-Px

This is my first blog created specificly for topics relating to computer graphics design. Expect to see topics involving 2D image editing, HTML, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, CSS, Flash, and anything else related. This is quite unlike my other blog which is completely random.

First agenda will be getting the layout revised in the template so this blog will appear worthy of the topics discussed. Hopefully it won't be plain-jane for long as I pull together some nice CSS and images. That's it for now.