Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kicking around the drawball

Drawball is this random thing that's like an unattended (mostly so, since the admins are pretty lax) graffitti wall. It gives you a stingy (about 15%) amount of ink every day, and then it's up to you to eke out something in whatever niche you can find with what you've got. But don't expect your work to last more than a day (or hours) even, unless you can get a group or hired minions to maintain your drawing.

Anyhow, here's some samples of goofiness that I've pulled off there so far. Usually because of the skimpy ink allotted, I end up building around or extending on something rather than trying something completely new. But it's still fun if you wait about 2-1/2 days. Just note that if you wait too long, it rolls over back to 0% and you've got to let it cycle again. Which is a drag, but what the hey...

Drawball Cat: A play on the ceiling cat internet joke. What makes it funny in this instance is how it's aptly located on the main board.

Ms. Fugly: Found a spot where someone was practicing drawing eyes and mouths. Made a face by adding a nose, and soon enough this happened. Being intentionally bad, it wasn't long before it got erased. But before that happened someone wrote, "OMG! NO!". Which had me laughing.

Seal of Approval: Another image, like the ceiling cat - its humor is based on where it's located. Vandalized already, apparently typical drawballers lack the skills to develop their lowbrow humor beyond empty threats and weak phallic doodles. So when something funny in a similar but more technically developed manner, they get envious and have to destroy it.