Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Pulled this thing I modeled out of my archive and did a render. I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be. Anyhow it just looks cool. Maybe it could be a plot device?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Automotive Design Terminology

Yeah, this should be an interesting post. Maybe these terms have bounced around elsewhere, but I figured it would be neat to gather them and put in this blog post. At one time way back I even made a wiki of this, but it was deleted a long time back. So now I've got to start over from scratch...

Here it goes.

Cab: The enclosed or semi-enclosed volume of the car that contains the driver and vehicle occupants.
Cab forward: The passenger area is weighted to the front of the vehicle.
Cab back: The passenger area is moved to the aft of the vehicle.
Greenhouse: The upper section of the cab surrounded by windows. Thus the term.
Wheel arch: The definitive shape made by side on view of a wheel enclosure.
Wheel bucket: The volume of the wheel enclosure.
Fender: An area of the car body or an attached piece that surrounds a wheel.
Fender flare: an outward exension of the body surrounding the wheel arch.
Quarter-panel: a section of a car body that is removable from the main chassis.
Wing: Rear topside spoiler. U.K. also uses this term for fender.
Beltline: An implied line going through the vertical center of the lower body of a vehicle. Sometimes accentuated with trim or two-tone paint.
Swage line: A distinctive line or crease added to the body of a car that enhances the appearance of a visual shape.
cladding: Pieces of trim added to the lower body of a car. Also to protect body paint from road debris.
Spoilers: Trim or body pieces added to the car with the intent of adding aerodynamic downforce.
Trunk: Rear enclosed portion of a sedan or coupe. U.K. calls this a boot.
ground effects: cladding or lower body spoilers added for more aesthetic purposes than functional ones.
Hood: Forward enclosed portion of the car that typically contains the engine. U.K. calls this a bonnet.
Brightwork: polished chrome trim pieces added to a car.
Jeweled glass: various facets or shiny reflectors seen in lights and reflectors.
Bling: contemporary term for eyecatching brightwork and jeweled glass.
Roof line: the distinctive shape defined by the top surfaces of a vehicle as viewed side-on.
window line: the distinctive shape defined by the lower edge of the greenhouse glass.
wheelbase: distance from bottom of front wheel to bottom of rear wheel.
overhang: distance which overhangs the wheelbase, front or rear.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What are the rates?

I suspect people may want to know how much it costs to get stuff done. So this is what I'm starting out with. I figure they may be on the low side, but since supply exceeds demand at the moment - that's what they are for now.
  • Cover/Advance fee: $40
  • Hourly: $15
  • Rendertime: $15/hr
This is freelance work, no refunds, take-it or leave-it. This means one guy and one computer, so you may have to wait if there are other jobs in the queue. Completed job files will be on a CD or DVD. Additional discs will cost extra.

Pretty simple, huh?

And no, rendertime isn't as cheap as you think it is. I don't have a render-farm yet, and my computer isn't anything new. So you may want to weigh how fancy you want to go on the effects before that process starts. Also rendering is done in Carrara 6. So don't bring outside work unless you're dealing with fairly standard 3D meshes (.obj or .3ds) or actual Carrara .car files. Note that I can do the 3D modeling at the above hourly rate, so I'd suspect you're getting one heck of a deal for the meantime.

When I get more regular work, it's likely I'll adjust the rates again and also come up with an expanded schedule. Of course this depends on what kind of jobs come up. The cheap deal you're getting now is because you're catching me on the startup end. So enjoy it while it lasts, before demand goes up, overhead creeps in, and rates go up.

Oh, and if you're wondering why print runs aren't listed - that's bigger overhead than what I'm able to cover right now. So it has to go outside to be completed. Thus you can either take the graphics files to a service of your own choosing, or you can let me take it to a third party and pass on their rates to you. I figure it's fair to be up front about it so you'll know what you're dealing with.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Not all my 3D is mechanical

In case people were wondering, not all of my 3D modeling is mechanical type stuff. I do some organic things every now and then. It's just that I'm better at doing things like cars and airplanes and whatnot.
Hope you guys find my hamster amusing. It's probably the most favorited images of mine at one of the graphics forums I post at. Of course it's without the text, but this version is for my own promo type stuff.

What's up now?

Right now, I'm feeling about as scatterbrained as the Colin Bear. And the fact that Sim City 4 Rush Hour is a lot more addictive with the NAM from SimTropolis added doesn't help. I need to get back into the mode of doing something more productive than that.

Anyhow, I got a flyer on my car last week. Apparently someone else local does graphics services. (But of course it was probably targeted more towards my neigbors, being there's a nightclub ad on the opposite side.) I figure I may check them for possible positions, since I'm not the best pitchman when freelancing solo. I'd rather just make art or do fun animations. So if I can join a team, that would help make things easier. If turned down, that flyer may still give some ideas though. I may have to make a small run of promo stuff too. I'm not so keen on dropping stuff on people's cars, but maybe I could find some businesses with corkboards or such and see if I can get permission to post there. Do the thing with tear-offs showing email, etc.

Another option may be using SSID to bring traffic to this site. But I don't exactly like advertizing my wireless. (Which is different than advertizing through wireless. But you have to one for the other to work, right?) I'm sure it can be found other ways, but I'm not keen on making it obvious. However if it helps get something going, that may be a risk worth taking. I'm still not going to give away traffic through the wireless though, since I really don't know who's poking around the park at all times. Friends and trustworthy folks may get access, but that's a limited audience considering where the signal goes.