Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes, I'm still around

Yes, I'm still around. Just trying to figure out what to do. But mainly I've been bouncing back and forth between posting to job boards and building my own site. At least until get tired of it all and fall into playing with noise makers or video games. It would be nice to have a regular job so I can be forced to focus on one thing long enough such that my other projects would become more interesting in comparison. Then that way I know I'd get them done too. (I know that explanation sounds wierd, but back when I had a regular job I'd write stuff down during breaks so I could get on them a bit during my non-work hours. Being unemployed is problematic with 100 random ideas popping up every day and having nothing make me focus on getting any developed. Having a creative mind is a problem when it gets too noisy. It's a lot like those old cartoons where a character would run in a dozen directions all at once.)