Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wings3D couch speed modeling

Just for shits and giggles, I speed modeled a couch. Probably because of something in a discussion in one of my classes at school. (Already have my degree, just trying to get a refresher and maybe fill in some gaps regarding cursory rather than in-depth instruction.) Someone said they wouldn't touch Wings3D. Maybe 'cuz they saw Blender at one time and assumed all OpenSource 3D apps had the difficult-to-use cooties. Who knows... Anyhow they said that in a 3D class one of the projects was to model a couch of all things... LOL! Ok, it's on! Gimme mah Catmull-Clark subdiv polygons! So the task was to fire up the good ol' Wings3D and poo out a couch as fast as possible.

On a side note: Might also be a good tut kinda thing for Wings newbs too. Shows bevel being used to produce paired edges to control smoothing tension, why the ring and edge loop selection tools are handy, and why slide is more than useful.

And on another aside... Tried the thing recently. And now instead of infinite ink, I have practically 0% no matter what. Turns out that some time or other my broadband cable IP address rolled over at some point. Maybe some lucky bastard (if they ever go to drawball) will get to enjoy that infinite ink... But in other news, Warpaint is getting more active again. Which is good, since openCanvas is a much better and responsive interface than the Drawball Flash app despite some other limitations.