Thursday, April 20, 2006

First video tutorial of sorts...

Alright, I just created my first Wings3D video tutorial. It's probably the first Wings3D specific thing on Google Video, so that's pretty cool. I'm still new at doing the screen recording and video editing, so it's probably a kludge job of sorts. Also I ran into some software problems with the desktop recorder that caused Wings3D to crash (normally it wouldn't, the particular version is stable under normal circumstances.) Basically it's for modeling a car, and it's almost the same as a tutorial I posted at Wikibooks. I think I'll redo it in a while. Also look for some more tutorials on Wings3D. I just have to get the process of recording these things sorted out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

PHP and CSS hijinks over at R'osity

Within the last week, all the forum servers at Renderosity have been converted to a new PHP format. At first everyone was stuck with certain formatting, but later on they gave us some CSS to fiddle around with. If it weren't for a lot of layout still locked up in tables, there'd be a lot of neat stuff that could be done - similar in layout to this blog. (Or what's possible on any Blogger blog.) Ah well...

On a side note... If I somehow ever startup a full fledged web design studio - I'll probably use the name you see here. I don't have the money/experience just yet, so I'll try to get work at some other design place... But if you see the "bbq-px" name on a business, say hi sometime. (And if for some reason it's not me, I claimed it first. I did a full search for the name, and nobody else had it. So I know it's original. Thus my copyright... Let 'em know.)