Sunday, August 09, 2009

What's up now?

Right now, I'm feeling about as scatterbrained as the Colin Bear. And the fact that Sim City 4 Rush Hour is a lot more addictive with the NAM from SimTropolis added doesn't help. I need to get back into the mode of doing something more productive than that.

Anyhow, I got a flyer on my car last week. Apparently someone else local does graphics services. (But of course it was probably targeted more towards my neigbors, being there's a nightclub ad on the opposite side.) I figure I may check them for possible positions, since I'm not the best pitchman when freelancing solo. I'd rather just make art or do fun animations. So if I can join a team, that would help make things easier. If turned down, that flyer may still give some ideas though. I may have to make a small run of promo stuff too. I'm not so keen on dropping stuff on people's cars, but maybe I could find some businesses with corkboards or such and see if I can get permission to post there. Do the thing with tear-offs showing email, etc.

Another option may be using SSID to bring traffic to this site. But I don't exactly like advertizing my wireless. (Which is different than advertizing through wireless. But you have to one for the other to work, right?) I'm sure it can be found other ways, but I'm not keen on making it obvious. However if it helps get something going, that may be a risk worth taking. I'm still not going to give away traffic through the wireless though, since I really don't know who's poking around the park at all times. Friends and trustworthy folks may get access, but that's a limited audience considering where the signal goes.

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