Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wonder if I'll get through...

Yet again I'm trying to break through that experience wall and get a job doing this stuff. No go yet (I followed up on a job lead, but still didn't meet that one arbitrary requirement), but that doesn't stop me from trying. Maybe no "entry" jobs (the existance of which seems to be the cruel joke of the industry), but perhaps plying for a paid internship or settling for freelance scraps that I just might be able to grab.

Also I've got a great little biplane model up on ShareCG. Developing it into a complete (as with UV's and being preconfigured for at least one program) been an ongoing recent project of mine. Only thing slowing stuff down with its development is that the "select similar" command in Wings3D has gotten very balky in one of the more recent releases. After hitting select similar, you can go for a hike, read a book, take a bath, eat dinner, go to bed, wake up the next day, eat breakfast, and it's still not done. It's slower than some renders I've done. Dunno what got broken there, but that command used to work pretty quick in older versions. (Like in under 2 minutes quick on stuff with high polys.) It's really stumping my workflow on my project, otherwise I might be onto making some different texture sets instead of just waiting to get the UV mapping done.

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