Friday, May 16, 2008

I think I saw one of my models in a TV ad

There's no definitive way to prove it, but I suspect my $6.25 shopping cart ("PJS Shopping Cart" in the Renderosity Marketplace) is in a TV spot for Kia. That'd be funny. At least somebody got a good deal out of using it for a job ($6.25 for an item in a production spot that probably went for $1000s... If only I could pull that off... *shrug* It's cool even if they did use it though, as commercial use is allowed under the sale licence.) Now I'm tempted to do a parody render of that particular spot, dunno if they'd ever notice since I typically fly under the radar. (Unfortunately I'm under the radar on work prospects too, but that doesn't stop me completely. At least until the savings runs out.)

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