Thursday, January 14, 2016

Damnit Wordpress!

Outside of here at Blogger, I had a portfolio I had built up at Wordpress. Didn't realize the thing expired at the end of the year, so all the stuff I had put together is gone. Which really sucks. So now I've got to figure out what to do in terms of graphics related work.

But yeah, that sucks!

Back again to Blogger. Also tweaked some layout formatting here. This was originally setup on an XGA monitor, so when I went to a larger screen it was weird. A little fix here and there now that there's some more stuff in CSS3, but my CSS skills are as rusty as hell. But at least I got the background to center and overlay again like it was supposed to. It's "close-enough" for now, but I may do some more template fixing later.

Also I'm thinking of building one blog specifically for portfolio stuff. But here at Blogger, where it doesn't auto-expire if you don't really have the cash on hand. (Some say Wordpress is cheap, but when you're broke cheap isn't cheap enough.)

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