Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Starting sales at TurboSquid

Yes, I know I've made fun of TurboSquid in the past because of overpriced junk. But somebody then poignantly pointed out that it's the artist setting the prices. So I guess I can't entirely call the site on that (but they really should bother to do some product review.) I'm going to be selling some items at TurboSquid soon. Why? Well the other places I've done sales through cater mostly to Poser/Daz figures and such. So if it's not some costume or backdrop for virtual dollies, it tends not to move much. And with flagging sales, they tend to drop my items after a few months. So, I'm going to try my luck at a place where stuff is more miscellaneous. Wish me luck!

Minor update: Took me a bit to figure out some things. Also there has been some price markup on items sold at T.S. This is because they don't allow items to be sold for under $10. But relatively speaking it's still a bargain. (Compare the similar goods!) No longer a cheeseburger priced bargain, but rather my things are pizza priced bargains.

And this is my store at TurboSquid. Feel free to take a look.

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