Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Shuttle Vid

This one is less advert and just a plain ol' flyby. Perhaps someone out there will appreciate my 3D modeling. Sometimes I wish I could do something more showy in the vid, but when it takes about 2 hours of computer time to render... I just don't quite feel all that productive doing that. If only I knew someone with a Carrara based render farm that didn't mind being generous about giving away some machine time.


Shkumbin said...

How do I make the textures work. Do u have maybe a max file, I dont know how to make the textures work , they dont fit properly

pauljs75 said...

No Max files. It's in .obj from Wings 3D. I'm guessing you forgot or lost the associated .mtl when moving stuff around. You need to have the .mtl file in the same directory as the .obj file and textures, since it contains all the material data and UV info for the model. Works fine in Carrara and Bryce, and those are "low end". I would hope that higher end apps know how to handle a .obj properly.