Friday, June 06, 2008

Flashitool raid! (Part II or whatever)

Some more fun with Flashitool. Maybe they won't find out it was meeeee. *Grin* Oh wait, this gets indexed on google pretty quickly, doesn't it? Oh well. Anyhow, if it was your site I raided - I hope you don't mind too much.

Here's the latest works that I did which I thought were halfway decent.

Some chicky with who know's what lurking behind...
At a site about random stuff.

Then an ol' fart with a machine that's too complicated for him.
I believe this is on a Tasmanian site about horses. (Of all things.)

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pauljs75 said...

I'm suprised how high this post rates on google in relation to the subject, yet there are no comments on the blog itself. (Other than this self commentary.) It just seems funny that the search listing does that. Maybe google likes self-referential stuff in their indexing? Who knows, but I'm a bit amused and puzzled at the same time.