Sunday, April 09, 2006

PHP and CSS hijinks over at R'osity

Within the last week, all the forum servers at Renderosity have been converted to a new PHP format. At first everyone was stuck with certain formatting, but later on they gave us some CSS to fiddle around with. If it weren't for a lot of layout still locked up in tables, there'd be a lot of neat stuff that could be done - similar in layout to this blog. (Or what's possible on any Blogger blog.) Ah well...

On a side note... If I somehow ever startup a full fledged web design studio - I'll probably use the name you see here. I don't have the money/experience just yet, so I'll try to get work at some other design place... But if you see the "bbq-px" name on a business, say hi sometime. (And if for some reason it's not me, I claimed it first. I did a full search for the name, and nobody else had it. So I know it's original. Thus my copyright... Let 'em know.)

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